The Picture that Made Me Fall in Love with Lolita


My initial reaction to this week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic was skepticism in my ability to accurately remember what picture it was that made me fall in love with the fashion- but there in the next instant the memory flashed before me.

Oh boy does this make me feel nostalgic
It was back in middle school and over the past year or two I had transitioned from the tomboy look of my childhood to a budding interest in makeup and femininity- which then developed into a dark brooding look complete with Tripp chain dresses and heavy eye makeup that couldn't keep up with the Florida heat.

One night after school while I was looking up gothic inspiration I came across this image. It really struck me; her confident poise, her flawlessness, but most of all her outfit. I'd never seen anything like it before in modern culture and it drew me in. Being introduced to EGL opened up a whole new world for me, and I spent the rest of the night sucking in as much information as I could gather- which at the time was pretty minimal.

I can't remember which I found first- Avant Guache or but I remember the disappointment in discovering how expensive lolita was. I picked through the Metamorphose website lamenting that I wouldn't spend $50 on a piece of clothing, let alone the $200 price tags I was seeing. Thoroughly discouraged, I would look up lolita from time to time but it wouldn't really be back on my radar until I picked up a FRUiTS magazine for the first time in high school.

Delving into that memory has made me really nostalgic for neopets and cyberpet adoption sites and doll makers. How did you discover lolita? Have a sugar-sweet day and be sure to check out how the other bloggers in the Lolita Blog Carnival fell in love!

Strawberry Picking


Earlier this Summer the local lolitas held a small strawberry picking meet at a charming farm in South Bay. Berry prints and Country coordinates were encouraged! I jumped at the chance to wear my new favorite strawberry print from IW, pairing it with terrain-appropriate boots and a modest straw hat.

country lolita meet

Designer Spotlight: Emily + Merrit for Pottery Barn Teen


I'm sure you're wondering why I'm dedicating this designer spotlight to Pottery Barn but I have to tell you guys, I am so enamored with this collection and I think you will be too. It's inspired by vintage fashion and holds such a wondrous, adventurous sweet-classic vibe- I'm trying hard to not snatch everything up!

lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Parisian Petticoat Quilt + Sham
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Bloomer Pillow Covers
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Brass Bunny Table Lamp
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Parisian Heart Cloche Collection
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Wishbox Collection
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Hourglass
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clocks

I can't help but delight in the fact that they named some items after ruffly undergarments, such as the 'Parisian Petticoat Quilt' and 'Bloomer Pillow Covers'. How well do you think this collection would work in a lolita's room? Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

A Coordinate Inspired by an Obscure Fairytale | LBC


I rarely partake in the coordinate topics for Lolita Blog Carnival, but there was no way I could miss out on a prompt that hits so close to my heart! It gave me great pleasure to go back and read some of my favorite compilations from Grimm, Perrault, Anderson, and others from around the world- but how to choose just one?

Well, the truth is I could not, so please enjoy these coordinates for five lesser-known tales you ought to read!

Jesper Who Herded the Hares

Jesper Who Herded the Hares is a Scandinavian tale about a fisherman's son trying to win the Princess's hand in marriage by proving wealth with twelve fine pearls and accomplishing 3 impossible trials.

Jesper Who Herded the Hares

The Silent Princess

The Silent Princess is a fairy tale from Turkey that is also about a man trying to win a Princess's hand in marriage, but his impossible task is to get the Silent Princess who wears seven veils to speak.

The Silent Princess

What Came of Picking Flowers

What Came of Picking Flowers is a cute Portugese tale about three sisters who vanish after picking a flower from the garden, and their brother who ventures out to find them for their weeping mother.

What Came of Picking Flowers

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes is the tragic tale of a little girl's vanity from Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. Her insistence on wearing her red shoes at inapropriate times leads to her downfall, and BtSSB recently made a print based on it!

The Red Shoes

The Star Money

The Star Money is a German tale of piety that follows a young girl as she gives up everything she has and is vastly rewarded in the end.

The Star Money

I love all the similarities and differences from tales across the world. What's your favorite fairy tale? It's so hard to decide for myself! Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading, don't forget to check out more obscure fairy tale coords from other LBC member posts!

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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Summer in Lolita


Summer is right around the corner and for some of us that means nightmare-inducing levels of heat. Having partially grown up near the equator I am well aware of what a headache it is to even think about layers, but you shouldn't have to wait out those months to wear lolita again!

This guide has the answers to a refreshing summer wardrobe and a happily coordinated you- so feel free to enjoy those rays in comfort! Let's start by analyzing our layers:

The Right Fabric & The Right Cut

Let's focus on fabrics that will maximize the flow of air through the clothing so that heat can escape as well as some cuts that are more loose-fitting to allow the fabric to do that. As a general rule, natural fibers such as cotton and linen tend to "breathe" better than synthetics, which do a better job of insulating.

100% Cotton is a natural material that breathes very well and is great at absorbing moisture. It may be a little too good at absorbing moisture, however, and can stay damp for some time which may start to stain around the armpit and neck. Cotton may not be the best choice for a blouse or onepiece when trying to avoid the dreaded pit stain, but they'd be a great choice of bloomers for containing perspiration from the undercarriage.

Linen & Rayon are other natural materials (well ok rayon is semi-synthetic but it's made from natural cellulose) that are cool and absorbent and don't retain water as well as cotton does which makes them a great material for summer. Linen in particular tends to be woven loosely, making it ideal for airflow.

Chiffon is my favorite for summer because this sheer fabric drapes airily on the form. Several different materials can be used to make chiffon, so it depends on the garment when determining if it's well suited for heat. Avoid wearing silk chiffon in the sun because rays and perspiration can deteriorate the material.

In general, sticking to light fabric in terms of weight and color will keep you cool. One of my best dresses for summer is made from 100% polyester but it works well because the fabric is so thin and weightless.

The best cuts for summer are ones that won't hug the body too much, as this restricts airflow. For main pieces this issue is focused in the bodice, so silhouettes with smaller bodices such as empire or underbust which have a smaller area of fabric hugging the body are ideal.

Empire waist dresses have the benefit of a taller skirt, which means air is circulating through more of the body before being closed out by the bodice.

Trapezoid shapes do not typically have a tight enough bodice (if any at all) to cut airflow off, leaving air to circulate around the body completely. They also require a much lighter petticoat than normal- and the more relaxed ones may not even need a petticoat- which leaves another layer out.

Underbusts use less fabric on the bodice, exposing the chest to breathe properly.

Halter tops look fantastic without a blouse for the more daring of us, which takes off an important layer that likes to trap heat.

Skirts are, of course, a great choice for removing the bodice altogether. Avoid skirts with a tight elastic waistband because it may irritate your skin when you start to perspire.

For summer blouses I generally try and stick to the most airy ones I own because the fabric will come in contact with me less. Between my long-sleeved chiffon and my short-sleeved cotton I tend to favor the chiffon because it feels like I have nothing on!

Re-consider Your Undergarments

Be sure to trickle the consideration for materials and cuts all the way down your layers to the pieces nobody sees, and avoid tight elastic where possible.

Bloomers on the shorter side will sufficiently protect your modesty with less coverage, while longer ones are better suited for absorbing uncomfortable sweat. Some people skip bloomers altogether and prefer stretchy shorts!

Petticoats, while I do love them, can stay at home if the chosen dress already has one built-in or is shaped so that one is unnecessary. Even a petti with less layers than your usual will allow more air to pass through.

Ankle socks are probably your best bet for comfortable legwear, but in general cotton socks will do. Avoid printed tights because they are typically printed on fabric with a much higher thickness than sheers so that the images can be opaque.

Cotton undershirts -wait, haven't I been preaching about less layers and how cotton soaks up moisture? This is just a different tactic to avoid sweat on your precious dresses, because having an underlayer to soak it up will prevent it from reaching your lolita.

Camisoles are great for the above, and allow you to wear those airy chiffon blouses with an underbust or skirt. Nudes or coordinated colors topped with lace can also add another element of delicacy to your ensemble.

Hair & Headwear

Wigs were item #1 on last year's list of do's and don'ts for beating the summer heat and I continue to feel that it is the most notable "don't". I love my wigs to pieces and they can be such a time saver, but they can also be the biggest difference between a comfortable coord and an overheated mess. Natural hair has been rising in popularity so use it to your advantage and brush up on some cute hairstyles!

Check out my pinterest board for more inspiring lolita hairstyles!
If you feel your hair is too thin to be left down then try a few volumizing hair products or attach extensions. A nice updo can alleviate the need for more hair with the added bonus of sweeping a layer off your neck and back which are areas prone to sweat.

There are benefits to doing both as much or as little as you like when it comes to headwear. An elegant updo topped with hair combs has the advantage of letting the scalp breathe, while full-size hats are great for keeping the sun out of your face and providing some shade. As far as hats go:

Boater hats are a great option for the heat because they are nearly always made from woven straw. This allows air to pass through easier to cool off the scalp.

Victorian & tea hats typically feature a very wide brim that shades the face, which is not only great for maintaining a cool temperature but it helps keep a youthful appearance by shielding you from the sun. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sunscreen though!

On Preventing Sweat

At last, the topic that ultimately decides whether or not to leave the house in lolita on a hot day. Preventing perspiration can not only lead to a more comfortable experience, it can also help extend the life of your fabrics. Pilling, yellowing, and deterioration are ways in which bacteria and other properties can cause damage from sweat.

Antiperspirant is different from deodorant. One stops perspiration by blocking the pores while the other deodorizes sweat that has already formed. It should be applied in a light layer the night before so it can sink in while the body is at a cooler temperature. Deodorant is not needed after this step.

Deodorant isn't the greatest choice to protect lolita if you think about it. Sweat will continue to form (just in a more pleasant odor), and the ingredients in the deodorant mixed with the ingredients in sweat can be a recipe for stains. However, deodorant is great on a day off from lolita because wearing antiperspirant every day may irritate the skin.

Underarm pads (also called dress or garment shields) are a surefire way to protect fabric from perspiration. Be sure to get the kind that attaches to your skin and not your clothes because adhesive isn't good for the fabric and it's more likely to shift!

Baby or feminine wipes make a great quick solution to refresh yourself and prevent stains. Finishing up with a moist cloth will remove any active ingredients the wipes leave on your skin.

Parasols and hand fans, didn't think I would leave this out did you? Parasols are prized for their shade while hand fans are an exceptionally elegant relief from the heat. It's all about prevention!

Do you do anything special to beat the heat? I like to spray my bedsheets with lavender scented linen water before going to sleep for a cool refresher. Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Masque de Carnival | Summer International Lolita Day 2014


This year I spent Summer International Lolita Day across state borders to attend a party coordinated by friends in and around the Pacific Northwest. "Masque de Carnival" was the theme for the affair, with masks and carnival performer-inspired coords and prints scattered about the afternoon.

My incredibly talented friend Yuki did the event artwork

Romanticizing Your Rental (Pt. 2)


Now that we've figured out how to painlessly improve the interior architecture of a rental, let's talk about those items you fill it with. The colors, textures, sizes, and styles of what you bring in will greatly affect what your apartment looks like, so take some time to collect inspiration and figure out what you like before committing.

The Decor That Fills It

For my own world I am inspired by the interiors of French cottages. Their curvy furniture in milky whites and creams has an ethereal presence that I'd love to capture, and all the little details add a charm you could scarcely pick out unless you inspected the parts. But whatever suits your fancy, there is need for a cohesive look that can handle the workload of apartment life.


It must be said that smaller spaces require smaller furniture, but that doesn't necessarily correlate to their physical size. For a romantic apartment, lighter looking furniture is a must. Curves and thin legs and carved out negative space give the illusion of a bigger room with their floating figures, whereas blocky furniture will weigh it down and is better left to one or two pieces.

As with all guides about furnishing small spaces I must mention the importance of multifunctional items. A bench with shoe storage or a bed skirt hiding pullout bins are a smart use of crucial space that would otherwise go unused. Items like the day beds from IKEA are perfect because as well as providing extra storage they serve the dual purpose of a couch and bed.

My favorite place to find furniture thus far has been my local Craigslist because of the quality to be found at affordable prices. Other places I peruse are antique fairs and shops or consignment and thrift stores. As of late IKEA has begun stocking furniture with more romantic details but for the price and quality I find that local listings still prevail.

There is also the option of freshening up your current furniture with a few embellishments. On a whim we bought a beautifully structured armoire with unfortunate stains and rusty hardware that could easily transform with a wash over of ivory, a few appliques, and new knobs.


Technology often appears unpleasantly modern or dull in the atmosphere of a romantic apartment, but there is no getting around how useful they are despite their appearance. The obvious solution would be to try and find them in a pleasing case, but those options are very limited and it may not conceivably be the end-all solution for every electronic.

One of the more reliable ways this can be remedied is simply by hiding the devices where applicable, such as enclosing an unsightly vacuum in the pantry or keeping gaming systems behind a media center door. Even draping pretty cloth over an old monitor when not in use can do wonders.

Loose Items

"Loose Items" is my catch-all for the many knick-knacks we lolitas seem to revel in collecting. From headbows to tea pots and stuffed alpacas, there is always some collection or pile of oddities finding their way to the top of a dresser.

I've spent the past month getting rid of a lot of these loose items, and I must say it's hard to miss them when the result is a much more cohesive and up-to-date look at my interests. The remaining knick-knacks have been ceremoniously arranged in a hutch for that single purpose, and those items I cannot bear to re-home have taken residence in a storage box. The items you choose to display make an impact on your decor either as items of interest or a tangled mess- to stick to the former make sure they all have a home!

(Lolita bedroom is fahrlight's)
Adding loose items should be done sparingly, and only under circumstances where they will enhance the appeal of an area. Pillows are a great example, as couches and beds can always use that plush decorative touch.

Join me soon for Part 3 where I talk about how to freshen up the space!

How do you imagine your dream decor to be? I'd love to know in the comments! Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!